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I'm Stoli, Creative Cake Artist and the owner of Coconilla Cake Studio. I'm a free spirit who loves chocolate cake.

I take pride in making my cakes from scratch and thus creating the perfect cake slice. Being able to wake up everyday and create beautiful edible art work is dream come true. I have the most fun and I create my best work when my clients trust me to be artistic and give me the creative freedom to design a one of a kind piece specific to you. I am a perfectionist, so I assure you that it will only benefit you.

My Story:

I've always been artistic. Growing up in a Mexican household and watching my mom in the kitchen daily taught me to love and pursue this dream of mine. My very first job was at a local ice cream shop, known for their blizzards! There I was taught the fundamentals of cake decorating. That pushed me to pursue and complete an AAS in Pastry Arts. I've picked up quite a bit of skills having worked in multiple pastry kitchens on the Las Vegas Strip. Most recently Bellagio and the Wynn. I have met some of the coolest most talented people in the pastry industry who have taught and inspired me deeply and for that I am forever thankful. 

It is through them and countless amount of people who have pushed me to finally pursue my dream in officially open Coconilla Cake Studio. 


Plants. Tattoos. Sushi. French fries. Bridgerton. The Moon. Acoustic Guitar.

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